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We're Different!

Most web designers can do the technical bit, but expect you to provide the copy.

  • How good are your copy-writing skills?
  • Do you know how to write effective sales literature?
  • Do you know what marketing messages to put in?
  • Do you know what to leave out?

We do.

Web-Site Design and Creation

A good web-site is an essential marketing tool for a successful modern business. Nowadays, people looking for a product or service turn to the web first and if you're not there, you don't get the business - simple.

Even if you are there, you need to stand out from the crowd, or you still don't get the business. So you need an attractive, comprehensive site, which persuades prospective customers that you can offer something that your competitors can't.

Why Use PCE Systems?

There are many people offering web-site design, so why use us? Because we can combine the four essential skills needed:

Do you know about colours? Most people think that they do, but many web-sites prove otherwise. Colours need to be chosen according to one of the proven methods of ensuring that the colours don't clash. These are:

  • Complimentary
  • Split Complimentary
  • Analogous
  • Monochromatic
  • Neutral
  • Tetradic (double split complementary)
  • Triadic
  • Square

  1. We have lots of programming experience, so we understand the technology.

  2. We understand business too, so we know what is important in a web-site.

  3. We have an excellent command of English and can turn rough draft into polished copy.

  4. We have been involved in many marketing programs, so we know what business messages need to be included.


So, if you allow us to create your web-site, this is what you will gain:

  • Excellent technical programming, so that site will work properly
  • Excellent layout and colour design, so that the site looks good and feels right
  • Excellent copy, so that you don't put people off with poor grammar and spelling
  • Excellent marketing messages, so that visitors are encouraged to buy from you

At PCE Systems, we design and create web-sites that improve your sales. This involves getting the marketing messages right, implementing an attractive site and getting a good search engine ranking. These are the steps involved:

  1. Why should prospective customers buy from you? First, we need to answer this question. We talk to you to develop your USP's (unique selling points) if you haven't done this previously.

  2. Then we discuss the target audience. Are we aiming at youngsters, professionals, householders, other companies or what?

  3. This leads to a discussion on style, including layout, colour scheme, fonts, images etc.

  4. The next step is to decide on the content of the site - what are the major sections, roughly what needs to be included?

  5. Next, you've got to do some work. We need some basic material - suitable text and where possible suitable pictures. We can turn rough draft text into polished copy and we can edit images. If you don't have these, then we might be able to create or find them, but they are best coming from you.

  6. Then we assemble a draft site. Images etc. might be missing but we can both get a feel for the site. At this stage there is plenty of scope for moving things around, for expanding sections and for altering colour schemes etc.

  7. The next revision is as near to the final one as we can make it. There is still scope for changes, but these should preferably be minor.

  8. It is now time to put in the search engine meta-tags and add the search engine titles to the individual pages.

  9. After carefully reviewing the site, we are ready to launch it.

  10. After launch, comes the task of notifying the search engines of the site's existence.

  11. Finally, after a few weeks, we review the site again and correct any problems that might have come to light in the meantime.