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Web-Site Promotion

OK, so you've got a new web-site. Now what?

If you don't tell people about it, then it's like having a box of brochures printed and leaving them in the cupboard. So, tell people about it:

  • On Company Stationery.

    Put the web-site address on all company stationery - letterheads, business cards, compliment slips, packing notes, packing boxes, invoices, email signatures, instruction manuals, guarantees, leaflets, brochures.

  • In Advertisements.

    If you advertise, make sure that your web-site address appears on the advertisement. Then people who want more information can visit your site.

  • On Partner Sites.

    If you work closely with other companies, get them to add a link to your site on theirs. This not only helps directly, by encouraging their customers to visit you, but also improves your search engine ranking.
  • On Trade Association Sites.

    If you are a member of any trade associations or similar organisations, then make sure that you take advantage of any facilities (which are often provided free of charge) to have a link to your site on theirs.

  • On Search Engines.

    New sites should be notified to the major search engines, since they will not index you unless they know of you. This should normally be done by your web designer, but make sure that it is not forgotten.

  • On Company Vehicles.

    If you run a fleet of delivery vans, make sure that your web-site address is printed alongside any other details on your vans.
  • On Promotional Items.

    If you give away diaries, beer mats or anything along these lines at Christmas, then make sure that your web address features prominently on them.

  • In the Phone Book.

    If you are going to pay for an upgrade from the basic free telephone book entry, then one of the best things that you can add is your web address. People often search in the phone book for a particular service and there is often not a lot to distinguish one supplier from another. Your web address will get some people to visit your site, which if good, will result in you getting the business instead of your competitor.
  • In Trade Indices.

    If you have an entry in any trade indices, then ensure that your entry includes your web address too.

  • Everywhere.

    In fact put it everywhere that you can think of. It is a powerful marketing tool and you shouldn't hide it. Your web address is short - typically only a dozen or so characters, so it is easy to include it everywhere, but the site itself can be huge, so for a few characters, you gain space to tell your prospective customers everything that they might want to know!