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These are some of the comments made by clients and others about us:

"We engaged Chris Nabavi of PCE Systems / TVBA as a business advisor for what was originally intended to be a couple of months, but he proved so valuable that he has now been with us for over three years! Working two days a month with us, he has helped us greatly improve many different aspects of our business, including process improvements, customer surveys and a new web-site that doubled our sales enquiries overnight. We have found him to be very reliable, knowledgeable, conscientious, and loyal and we thoroughly recommend him to any other business that wants to improve its performance."

Gerard Mooney
Managing Director
Marvin Architectural Ltd


"Chris Nabavi extended our existing web-site for us and added several new database facilities to the non-public facing part of the site. He worked from a very brief wish list to produce something which is very easy to use and which exceeded our expectations. If you need a database web-site, but are not sure exactly what to ask for, then I would recommend that you talk to Chris."

Mike Pill, F.C.A., B.Sc (Eng)
Director TMP & Associates Ltd
01276 684007
07831 772877


"We were indebted to Mr. Nabavi for a very clear and professional explanation of the meaning of the various terms used in indicating the performance of a microphone; for a certain amount of useful background information in relation to the long accepted required characteristics of microphones used in telecommunications; and for a description of the particular microphone being imported by Panasonic in this case."

Howard M Nowlan
Chairman of the VAT and Duty Tribunal
Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH
      -- versus --
The Commissioners for her Majesty's Revenue and Customs

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"I was introduced to Chris Nabavi of PCE Systems on the recommendation of a business which needed a complex, very secure, robust, multi user, yet user-friendly web-database because that was exactly what we needed."

"And I'm very grateful that we were."

"Competence and attention to detail combined with a profound understanding of the issues, and the end result is most impressive. I'd thoroughly recommend PCE Systems to anyone confronting similar issues."

Chris Clegg
Managing Director
The MicroFunding Exchange