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High-Tech Problems

  • The pace of change is generally very fast

  • Products in R&D are never ready

  • Equipment is expensive & quickly obsolete

  • Customer Support does not earn money

Sound familiar? Then give us a call!

High Technology Services

High technology companies have all the same problems as other companies, but in addition, they have a number of special problems of their own.

How we can help

PCE Systems is used to tackling such problems. We can check that your plans are realistic and help you get products into profitable production more quickly. We have a lot of technical experience in-house and we have formed strategic alliances with other good technologists, turned businessmen.

We specialise in "merging technology with business" - in closing the gap between the product designers, who usually are not interested in business and the business men, who often don't understand the technology.

We ask the right questions, we make sure we understand the business issues and the technical ones. We simplify things. We bring all the parties together and we generate a mutual understanding that leads to success. With everyone pulling in the same direction, progress is quicker and success is much more likely.

So, if you are running a high technology company and product development is always late,
customer support is costing a fortune and you keep getting requests for new capital equipment,
look at our Keys to Success, then give us a call!