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Business Health Check

Just pondering the questions is enough to focus some MD’s on the problems, but the answers nearly always identify many areas where the company is vulnerable. It is very rare that any company, no matter how big or small, does not have room for improvement.

Typically half a dozen problem areas are highlighted by the Health Check. Some of these may already be known to the company concerned but often they can come as a complete surprise. Often, the directors will be vaguely aware of the issues but have subconsciously ignored them:

"I’m too busy at the moment."
"I’ll take a look at it tomorrow."

Sound familiar? But, tomorrow brings new priorities, so the problems never get resolved. Once the Health Check brings the issues out into the open and potential cost savings have been identified, a rational decision can be made about what action should be taken. There are four options:

  1. Ignore the issue!

    You never know; it might go away. But this is risky where legislation is involved and is not usually the best strategy anyway.

  2. Do the work in-house.

    With the best will in the world, this usually fails, because other priorities take over and the task never gets completed.

  3. Get another organisation to sort it.

    Fine - it's your choice, though naturally we would prefer that you use us.

  4. Get us to sort the problems out.

    This has the greatest chance of success, since we understand the issues, have a vast network of experts to call upon where necessary and can devote the time to get the job done properly.

Your business is a living, breathing thing - just like your body - but when was the last time you took it in for a check-up? When you started, you had:

A vision - A goal - An ambition

Now, you have:

Legislation - Problems - Priorities

Disillusionment and despondency can easily take over. So take the free Business Health Check. It probes the organisation and identifies areas of concern. Then it is a relatively minor step to put corrective action into place and to revitalise the company. The original vision can return. The company can move forward. Problems are replaced by profit.

So why don’t most MD’s tackle these vital issues themselves? Usually, its lack of:

Time - Expertise - Focus

But an outside advisor from PCE Systems has the required time, the expertise and the focus. The Business Health Check takes a total of about 2 hours, including the discussion of the results. Is it worth 2 hours of your time, to pull your business back on track?

The Business Health Check consists of a series of questions, carefully designed to probe into all aspects of your business. Not all areas will be relevant to every company, but the health check covers all the main areas such as sales and marketing, health and safety, IT systems, cash flow and accounts, production, customer satisfaction, strategic planning etc.