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The Game of Happy Companies

To play the game of "Happy Companies", look through the list of profiles in the table below. Once you have identified your company in the table, then give us a call to reap the benefit.

Fresh Start-Up Company

You're just starting out with a new idea for a product or service. You're aware of the fact that 70% of all new companies in the UK fail within the first 12 months and you don't want to be one of them. You're short of cash but would rather start slowly than borrow money with all the implications involved. You can't afford to pay for advice at this stage.

Talk to us about what you need to do to succeed. We will spend a couple of hours with you free of charge to put you on the right track. All we ask in return is that you tell others about us!
Fast-Track Start-Up Company

You've run a company before or have held a senior position in a large organisation and want to get your new company up and running quickly. You need a good business plan and maybe some introductions to sources of finance. You may also need help with setting up other aspects of your business.

We'll go through your ideas with you (after signing a confidentiality agreement), write the business plan, help you get the necessary finance and help with all the peripheral issues.
Young Under-Capitalised Company

You had a great idea and perhaps with a colleague or two, quit your old job and formed a company to exploit it. A year or two later, where are you? Well, you're still here, which is an achievement in itself. But you are short of cash; you are gradually realising that you need other expertise and sales are not as high as you had hoped for.

A review of progress would be ideal to help plan for the the future - try the free PCE Systems Business Health Check. This will identify what needs to be done - and we'll help you do it.
Overworked and Underpaid

The company is now several years old. The original vision has faded and although you're working all the hours in the day, all the hard earned cash just seems to vanish. You're not happy; your family's not happy with the hours you work and all you seem to do all day is waste time on red tape. There must be a better way of earning a living.

We can review what is going wrong and help put it right. Then you can think about increasing turnover, making more profit and working fewer hours. Look at our Business Support Program.
Doing Quite Well

You don't need any help. You're coasting along and the company's doing just fine. You've got a product that everyone wants and nobody else makes. Cash is flowing nicely thank you. But for how long? Competition does not sit still. Unless you continually strive to keep ahead, your market will disappear. This can happen overnight.

The Business Support Program is ideal for you. We'll spend an agreed amount of time every month, looking at new ideas, stimulating you and ensuring that things continue to go well.
Run Out Of Steam

You set the company up several years ago, perhaps with a couple of colleagues. You had a vision when you started, but the company hasn't grown as you had hoped. You're drifting - the excitement has gone; the incentive is lacking. You're profitable, but you know it can't last. You know something has to be done, but what?

You need a new challenge, perhaps a change of direction or maybe some new products or services. A marketing plan would be a good starting point or a free Business Health Check.
A Successful Family Business

You've built the company up from scratch - its a family business with various roles now handled by your children. Lately, you've been thinking about retirement. You need to gradually relinquish control, but this is not easy, when you're not sure that your children have the necessary experience to take over completely.

Talk to us about succession planning and also mentoring to get your successor up to speed. You need to think about tax issues too. We don't do this ourselves, but we know good people who do.
Villa in Spain, Yacht in the Caribbean

You have obviously used our services in the past! The allure of work is dropping and it's warm in Spain! You could of course just go, but it's better to plan ahead and sell the company for what it is really worth. You might not want to let go completely - that's fine. There are many options and we'll go through them to help you decide.

Talk to us about exit planning. Ideally, it takes three years to groom a company for sale to maximise its value. Would you be prepared to act as a consultant to your company after you sell it?

Companies never stand still. They either spiral upwards or they spiral downwards.