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Chris Nabavi BSc. SMIEEE AInstIB

General Business Advice

Chris has worked in three small start-up companies, with all the problems associated with getting them off the ground, in a couple of medium sized organisations and in large multinational corporations. With a total of over ten years consultancy experience and with his background covering companies of all sizes, Chris is ideally placed to understand the problems and aspirations of many different types of companies.

Although Chris has a technical background and he still enjoys technical challenges (see right), much of his work nowadays is in general management, where the challenges are just as great, if not greater at times. His experience and subsequent training in general management has fostered an interest in business. This has been further sharpened by the problems that all companies, large and small seem to face. He enjoys working with a diverse range of companies, using his highly analytical mind to solve problems. This leads to greater efficiency, less fire-fighting and increased profitability.

Chris is an Accredited Executive Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). The IIB was established in 1984 and exists to help small and medium sized businesses. It has grown steadily since then and now has over 3000 Associates worldwide, making it the biggest organisation of its type in Europe.

Chris is also a very active member of Thames Valley Business Advisors, which is a group of IIB Associates working together in the Thames Valley. TVBA Associates together are much stronger than the sum of the individuals. They share ideas, carry out joint projects and promote each other's interests.

In 2003, Chris joined the IBD that too sets out to help small and medium sized businesses. Initiatives in Business Development (IBD) is growing rapidly and it offers high quality business advice to small and medium sized companies through its advisors.

As part of his work with the IBD, Chris has become a mentor.

High Technology Work

After graduating with an honours degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Leeds University, Chris started his professional career as an electronics engineer, doing research into speech processing. His subsequent work included hardware and software design, systems engineering and project management. In 1979, he wrote a book entitled "The Engineering of Microprocessor Systems", which was adopted by the DoI (now the DTI) and he has appeared on BBC's "Tomorrow's World".

Chris has been a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers since 1984.

He spent five years in Germany and gradually moved from technical roles to managerial ones. He jointly ran a small electronics design and manufacturing company for 15 years and has also held senior positions in multinational corporations. In his last corporate position, he was Operations Manager at a large well known telecommunications company, with responsibility for 90 staff and a 26M budget.

His technical work nowadays is mainly advisory, with an emphasis firmly on merging technology and business. He takes great pride in his ability to analyse complex problems (both technical and non-technical), cutting through non-relevant aspects in order to arrive at a simple summary on which sensible management decisions can be based.

All work described in the "Business Advice" section of this web-site is performed either by Associates of the IIB or by Members of the IBD. In each case, such work is carried out according to the Code of Ethics of the organisation concerned.