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Case Studies

Case Studies are always interesting, but we have to tread a fine line between telling you about what we have done and maintaining client confidentiality. In these case studies, we have therefore left out all client details and in some instances, we have made subtle changes to locations etc. In all cases though, the overall picture painted is as accurate as we can make it.

Efficiency Improvements in the Construction Industry

This case study concerns the use of a "Brown Paper Analysis" to improve the efficiency within a company, leading to the doubling of the company turnover.

Brown Paper Analysis

TL 9000 Used to Resolve Disputes

When your Customer Service Department and your Customer are always arguing over whose fault certain problems are in the telecommunications industry, then maybe TL 9000 can help.

TL 9000 to Resolve Disputes

Software to Aid Import Duty Reclaim

Laborious manual processes can often be automated surprisingly easily using Excel and Visual Basic. This case study illustrates just such a situation.

Visual Basic

Independent Customs Tribunal

We acted as an expert witness in electronics to win a case at an independent tribunal.

Customs Tribunal