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Bespoke Business Software

Are you struggling with a manual process that is taking up an inordinate amount of your working day?

If so, we might be able to help. There are many software packages that can be easily customised or adapted at a relatively low cost and these can often bring enormous benefits to companies that are struggling with manual systems.

Excel with Visual Basic

Excel spreadsheets are very popular and most people in business have at least some familiarity with them. But did you know that most people only use about 5% of the facilities available?

In addition to the standard features that can be seen on the various Excel toolbars, the package incorporates something called Visual Basic. This is a powerful programming language, which if you have bought a copy of Excel, you have already paid for, but are probably not using. It is the power behind the macros, which you may have used, but it can do a lot more. Take a look at our case study for an example of how we used it to solve a tedious manual problem. Then, if you have a similar manual chore that you would like to automate, give us a call for a free no-obligation discussion.

Web Based Applications

Some tasks are best tackled with sophisticated web-site software. For example, if you have a database that needs to be accessed by a number of different people, who are geographically dispersed, then talk to us about setting up a web-based application. Security can be built in and the system can be hosted by a suitable web-hosting company, so that your staff or customers etc. have 24 hour access from anywhere in the world. For an example, see www.clientminder.co.uk.