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The facts are startling

Less than 20% of businesses with under 30 people have an MD with any previous experience and 70% of start-ups fail within 12 months.

Also, every year the Government introduces over 4,000 new sets of regulations, the equivalent of one every 26 minutes of every working day. Are you aware of them all? We can keep you informed about the most important ones that are likely to effect your business.

It is no longer sufficient to be good in your main area of expertise. Nowadays, to survive, let alone prosper, you need expertise in a range of specialist areas and for small and medium sized companies, the only viable way to get this is to use outside assistance.

How we can help

We use our years of experience to move companies forward. We undertake both one-off project work and long term assignments.

If we don't have a particular skill in-house, then we can call on our vast network of specialists so that you get the right skill for the job.

Call us on 01344 - 300 260 and ask Chris for a free no-obligation appointment to look at your business issues.

"If British Companies adopted only the average best practice levels of the UK’s leading competitors, the GDP of the UK would increase by around 300 Billion."

(Quote from CBI, 2001)

Look at our IIB expertise page to see what we can offer through associated advisors.

To find out what is best for you, have a go at playing Happy Companies

For ongoing support, have a look at the superb Business Support Program, which we offer through the IIB.

And finally, if you don't know where to start, ask for our FREE Business Health Check.