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Articles and Downloads

In this section, we would like to give you a flavour of some of our technical work, so there are a few things available for download. Please note though that these items are copyright - you may view them, but not use them for any other purpose.

Product Reliability Presentation

Product reliability is a well established technical discipline - a branch of statistics. This PowerPoint presentation outlines the main principles, using as little mathematics as possible! If you would like us to come and give the presentation to your staff, please contact us - that way, you'll get the verbal explanation, without which the PowerPoint presentation is incomplete.

Product Reliabilty

IT Systems Integrity Presentation

Are you adequately protected against a disaster with your computer systems? Nowadays, businesses are so dependent on their IT network, that it is vital to ensure that if disaster strikes, then adequate measures are in place to enable the company to continue working. It is equally vital to try and prevent such a disaster occurring in the first place. This presentation goes through the issues - if you would like us to make the presentation at your premises, please ask.

IT Systems Integrity

Noise Report

Most reports that we write are confidential for obvious reasons, so it is difficult to show you what we do. However, in 2005 a group of local Wokingham residents fought a successful campaign to prevent a large housing development on a green-field site nearby. We took on the task of analysing the developer's environmental noise report and wrote a document pointing out various problems. Since this document is now in the public domain, we can show it to you. It includes an introduction to noise theory and a summary of relevant Government guidelines on environmental noise. (Some parts refer to the developer's report and these sections may not make much sense without sight of their document.)

Noise Report